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How Long Can You Stand Out in the Cold Until You Freeze?

We asked ourselves this question the other day.

"How long could we stand out in the cold weather without the proper winter garments?"

For many families in WNY, this is reality. Without the ability to afford proper cold weather gear, children and adults suffer symptoms of frost bite or severe cold while they do everyday things like waiting for the bus or walking home from school.

Chris Billoni, Vice President of Colvin Cleaners, took up the challenge. In nothing but a t-shirt, watch as Chris tries to stand out in below freezing temperatures.

SPOILER ALERT: He can only stand 30 minutes.

Imagine your child, your family member, or ANYONE having to stand out in the cold without the proper clothing. With that feeling in mind, we ask you to go to your closets, find any gently-used winter garments that you can spare, and donate them to Coats 4 Kids. This year, you can keep someone from feeling the affects of the cold. You can give someone the gift of warmth.

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